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How to Paint Your Garage Door

Garage Door Painting

Garage Door Painting

When it comes to home improvement projects, painting a garage door is not one of the more challenging things you can do. A newly painted garage door can help protect the garage door from the elements and looks nice. Still there are certain tips that can make painting a garage door more efficient and effective.

Choose the Right Paint

When you paint your garage door you will need to use an exterior paint that can stand up to the elements. Most people choose either and oil or latex based exterior paint. Before you paint the garage you will need to prep the garage door including applying an coat of an exterior primer. These are usually latex based and are specifically designed for the outsides.

Preparing Your Surface

Before you start painting your garage door you will need to prepare the door for painting. Depending on the surface this can be challenging and an intricate process. Wood or acrylic Doors are the most common surfaces and relatively easy to prepare. Simply chip off any loose paint chips and start to prepare the garage door surface. You will also want to make sure the garage door is free of dirt so wash it off with a power washer first. Doing so can be a great way to quickly clean off the surface.

Begin by using painters tape to create a barrier around the garage door. A thick and high quality painters tape is the best option for most people and provides extra leeway to avoid painting the wrong color on the wrong spot. Use a paint primer to cover up the old color and create a more adhesive surface for a new paint layer. An layer of paint primer is particularly important on your garage door if you are painting over a darker color and making an lighter color.

Don’t Ignore the Weather Forecast

Whenever you are painting outside you will always need to pay attention to the weather. Your newly painted garage door will need time to dry and you will likely need to apply several coats to have it look good. Wait until the summer when the weather is hot and there is a lower risk of rain and the paint drys faster. Each coat of exterior paint on your garage door will take twelve hours to dry so plan accordingly. Clear up a few days on your schedule, make sure the weather is hot, and prepare for your painting.

Get Painting

Painting your garage door is not much different than painting any other part of your home. You can use a paint roller but if you have any grooved parts you will need to make sure that the surface is worked over with a fine paint brush to avoid pools of paint accumulating in these areas. Let dry and then apply a second coat of paint.

A newly painted garage door can add significantly to the curb appeal of your home. Follow the aforementioned items to make sure your garage is well painted and preserved from the elements.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

The Physics Behind Garage Door Springs

You may never have thought much about what makes your garage door open/close smoothly, reliably and what part a garage door spring plays in that. In fact, this mechanism works thanks to some simple laws of physics. Torque, or rotational force, acts on these springs, also known as torsion springs. This bending motion causes the movement of the door.

The density of these springs allows more energy storage than would be the case if they were conventional springs. Each time the garage door comes down, the spring is rewound. Opening the door releases that energy. The torque created by the movement of the spring means that despite the weight of a garage door, it is relatively easy to open.

This torque moves along a rotating shaft to the cable drums on either side of the door. This converts the rotating force to a linear force. The resulting tension means that most people are easily able to lift the garage door, which may weigh upwards of 150 pounds, above head height without any problems.

The garage door spring, shaft and cable drums are called the counterbalance. The “counter” in this word refers to the way this mechanism counters another force, that of gravity, that is pulling the door down. Because the garage door is rolled up into a horizontal position and supported there by tracks, it gets lighter as it is lifted so that at its highest, very little force is required to move it.

The stationary end of the torsion spring is attached to the wall with brackets on one side with the shaft able to rotate in the spring. A winding cone fastens the spring to the shaft at the other end and also allows the spring itself to be wound. Although the spring is then held in place, force is pushing it toward unwinding. The amount of force exerted by the spring or springs must be equal to the weight of the garage door. When the spring is in its fully wound position, the force is transferred along the shaft to the cables.

The spring unwinds and loses tension as the door is lifted although it should still contain a little bit of tension even when lifted all the way to keep the cables taut. As the door is closed and the spring is rewound, that tension returns.

Rust, cold weather and repeated use will eventually break down a garage door spring, but in regular use, its lifespan is generally about five to seven years.

Some Unique Ways to Renovate Your Garage

The garage is one of the most overlooked spots of your home when it comes to home renovation. However, small changes in your garage can have a big impact on the look and feel of your home, as well as your usage of your garage. People use their garage for a variety of different purposes including keeping their car safe from the elements, storing tools and working on home renovation projects, and adding living space to your home. Having the right home renovations in your garage can revolutionize how you use your garage and your home.

Adding a Window and Some Light

Garages are often thought of as utility spots where most people keep store their junk. One of the best ways to better utilize your garage is by adding some natural light to the room so that you can better focus on the jobs that you are working on. While it may be impractical to add a window to the garage walls if they are connected with your home, you can add a new garage door that can create more usable space.

Many modern garage doors not only have the automated opening and closing features that are useful to a homeowner, but also have strong and durable glass panes that can let in natural light without being fragile or prone to break. Garage doors take a lot more wear and tear than you might think, and a well-designed and properly installed garage door with window panes can be a real difference maker.

Epoxy Floors

An epoxy floor coating can be another big difference maker when it comes to your garage. Epoxy floors are thin chemical coating which are applied in a similar way to any painting. However, these epoxy floors serve a huge practical benefit to homeowners above their aesthetic appeal (although they are attractive and sleek additions to your garage). Epoxy floors help to prevent dirt and oil stains in your garage and are easy to clean and maintain. They serve as a seal which can prevent your garage floor from cracking or becoming damaged, thus extending the life of the floor. Epoxy floors also look beautiful and create an impressive view when you open your new garage door and display your garage in all its magnificence.

Creating a New Living Space

Some homes and families are in desperate need for new living space due to adding family members. The garage is a great option for many families and renovations into your garage can add a new bedroom, additional bathroom, or man cave. There is no limit to the different options that you have for renovating your garage to add living space. Be creative when upgrading your garage but keep in mind the exterior appearance when doing so. Most homeowners will, for aesthetic purposes, keep their garage door in place even when the interior of their garage no longer serves that function.

Garages are great options for home renovation and can enhance their use significantly. Consider the aforementioned options when reinventing your garage and home.